A key part of our work involves the hanging of carefully selected artwork and the creation of gallery spaces, which often feature in our client’s designs.

The BECK team are experts in the preparation and installation of a wide variety of pieces, ranging from crystal chandeliers and large format wall hangings to full gallery spaces and bespoke murals covering entire walls.

When working with pieces of art or gallery spaces, our teams follow a rigorous and thorough protocol to assess the space, ensure walls and ceilings are substantially reinforced and prepare all surfaces for an imperfection free finish.

Protective measures are implemented to ensure the safety of the pieces and their surroundings.  White glove care and protection from dust, UV rays and physical contact, are paramount.

Mounting systems are selected for the appropriate weight and size of our clients’ pieces and bespoke lighting is later installed to enhance textures and colours, without causing glare or damage.

Great care is taken with the precision of installation, taking into account the centre of gravity of oversized pieces for perfect alignment, and secure hanging from walls and ceilings.

Here, we look at five of our high-end hospitality and museum projects where art and gallery spaces were at the very core of the designs.


The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

In the lobby and stairwell of The Carlton Tower Jumeirah hang two bespoke chandeliers by Lasvit, made from individual hand-blown pieces of crystal glass.

In the lobby, the exquisite piece, representing a chrysanthemum required extensive support substrate above the fibrous dome ceiling.  A template was supplied for the BECK team to drill through the ceiling of the double height lobby. Once installed, supporting cables of differing lengths were hung to create the stunning shape.

Extensive temporary protection was installed over the fish scale, marble floor, surrounding columns and joinery.

In the stairwell the gold, mica-infused crystal buds of the second chandelier blossom at varying heights, to compliment the botanical theme of the hotel’s lighting.

Travelling up the walls along the staircase are bespoke art panels.  Hand rendered on site by an art specialist and reaching up to 2.5 metres in height.

Strategic planning for the works included the use of aluminium stair towers & a mobile elevated working platform.  Full height slab to slab drylining was conducted, including a plastered skim coat for the walls and ceilings.  The BECK Design Development department, conducted extensive research into numerous timber mouldings of different shapes, angles, and sizes to find the perfect companion for the panels being created.

The chosen timber mouldings were then hand crafted by the in-house BECK joinery team and delivered to site where they were fitted by BECK carpenter.  Timber mouldings and walls were painted on site. Centre sections of panels were left unpainted in preparation for the rendered artwork.


In the lobby of Rosewood London sits a beautiful, large format piece of artwork by the acclaimed artist Eduardo Hoffman.

Significant planning and design considerations were handled by the BECK team.  This ensured the correct supporting structures were incorporated into the building substrate to enable this high value piece to be displayed within a bespoke easel.  The easel was then mounted within the Reception, for the enjoyment of the hotel guests.

The completed finishes of the lobby space required extensive temporary protection before the use of specialist access equipment, to fix the support easel into the ceiling and columns.  The easel was constructed to accommodate the artwork.

Having installed the custom easel, the BECK team carefully brought the art piece into the hotel for hanging.  Detailed logistical planning and extensive white glove care were of the utmost importance to protect both the work of Eduardo Hoffman and the high-end finish of the hotel lobby.

Once safely in place, the team worked closely with interior designers and lighting designers to adjust the directional lighting, ensuring that viewing the artwork was not compromised by any lighting glare.



The BECK team was commissioned to create the Long Art Gallery, as part of the fit-out works for Nottingham Castle.

The gallery walls posed a problem in that they were spaced away from the fabric of the building.  Therefore, the team had to design fixings for all showcases and hanging supports, to penetrate through the wall void and into the structural walls with minimal impact on the finished partitions.  This proved particularly challenging given the size and weight of the wall mounted cases and client art commissions.

Our structural engineer and project delivery team worked closely with the client and our showcase contractor to ensure that each installation was fully co-ordinated.  Combined weights were considered as well as vibration risk mitigation.

The result is a captivating gallery spanning a diverse range of art forms, showcasing the brilliance of local and international artists.  The structural reinforcement carried out by the BECK team ensures the castle can safely display its extensive array of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and tiles.



The Belmond Cadogan hotel is situated in London’s exclusive neighbourhood of Chelsea and holds a special place in the literary history of the city.

The hotel remained a well-known haunt for renowned writers and poets over the course of a century, the most famous of whom is legendary playwright and novelist Oscar Wilde.  Keen to remain loyal to their literary influences, the hotel design included a lift lobby of 600 bronze-cast books.

The original vision was for the lobby design to be created from leather bound books, painted to look bronzed.  The BECK team utilised their expertise from the Museum division to develop multiple prototypes using various processes to achieve our client’s ideal.

The Design Development for the project involved building multiple mock-ups of a section using varying modelling techniques.  The final books were constructed from a lightweight material with an applied metal finishing.  Works also included consideration for building control regulations, plus coordination with the lift controls and indicators.  The final design achieved the desired aesthetic but was robust enough to withstand daily use of the hotel lift lobby.

The bronze cast books are a captivating and unique feature that capture the attention of guests as they step into the hotel’s elegant lift.  Meticulously crafted, they serve as both a functional element and a work of art, adding a touch of literary and historical charm to the overall ambiance of the hotel.



The historic Magistrates Ballroom at the NoMad hotel in London, served previously as the courtroom for Bow Street Magistrates Court and Police Station.  Its rich heritage and central location make it an iconic landmark in the legal landscape of London.  The immersive mural that now adorns the walls and ceiling of the majestic former courtroom is a captivating masterpiece.

As part of the works done to convert the building into NoMad’s first hospitality location outside of the UK, the BECK team restored the original plaster and timber mouldings of the Magistrates Courtroom which had suffered from years of water damage.  Where heritage details proved impossible to salvage, the mouldings were carefully matched and replicated.  The team then coordinated with the artist to understand her requirements and ensure the substrate was correctly prepared prior to painting.

For French artist, Claire Basler, to create the vivid and evocative depiction of stormy skies, the double height space required the installation of temporary towers with great structures of lights and accompanying power sources.   This was crucial as the courtroom has no windows and the team needed to provide Basler with a quantum of lighting at the correct lux levels, to work with.

The ballroom’s completed mural across the walls and ceiling are offset by six crystal chandeliers, providing a uniquely stunning backdrop for weddings and events.