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Gooleswari Seeburn is Assistant Site Manager at the prestigious hospitality project The Dorchester which is currently in Phase 2, with the ground-floor areas successfully completed by BECK last year.  Having begun her journey in the industry four years ago, Gooleswari is a relative newcomer to the company, having joined just five months ago.  She is currently in charge of the Level 3 corridors at the hotel and is looking forward to a progressing her career in Site Management.  She speaks of thriving on the camaraderie and team spirit present on our sites, along with the fast pace of work she enjoys.



What inspired you to get involved in this industry?

“I was working in the city doing recruitment for the government.  But in the December before the pandemic, I realised I just wasn’t enjoying it.  My dad is an architect running a family business and I’ve always liked building and construction.

I didn’t know Covid-19 was around the corner and decided to resign with no job to go to. I started a training contract with TFL where they give you all your green cards, CSCS and Asbestos Awareness training so you can become a Site Manager or Quantity Surveyor.  When the pandemic hit, all of that got scraped and I fell into on-site working.  I swapped my suit for a high-vis vest.”

Has BECK been supportive of your career?

“I am partly responsible for my own section of the project and there’s no hand-holding but If I do need help I’ve got a really great team around me to help.  Most of the time they trust my judgment.  It’s nice to be on that level and to be treated like a Site Manager.  Jamie, my Project Director, is a great support. Compared to my last company where I was seen more as just a woman on site.

I joined BECK having already completed my Level 6 in Construction Management and there have been talks for me to do another course at some point.  I’m always open to learning and developing more.  I’ve only been in the industry for four years, so I’ve had to work my way up quite quickly.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

“I love seeing a project from start to finish, it can be blood, sweat and tears.  It’s nice to look at a finished project and say to myself, ‘I did that!’

The corridors at The Dorchester hotel are now being painted and I love that I’ve seen them go from the bare bones to these beautiful designs, ready for guests.  I’m proud be able to say I have worked at The Dorchester.

What would you say to women who are concerned about entering a male dominated environment or who haven’t considered a career in construction?

“I was a bit nervous to start my new role at BECK as I knew what construction sites can be like.  But since I’ve been here, not a single comment has been made.  The men have been really accepting of me and I feel that if you prove yourself, anyone can be part of the team and that’s all that matters.

Everyone has bad days but we support each other. I support all the Trainees; they support me and we have the senior team too.  We are all working hard to finish the project.  When you’re having a bad day, everyone clubs in together and helps out which is so refreshing.  That’s why I’m surprised there are not more women in the industry, as it can be really supportive.  I would say to women that not all workplaces in the industry are the same and things are changing all the time.


Have you seen a change in the industry since you joined, are women more visible?

“A lot of women are coming into the industry but at the moment a large proportion of those are still office-based.  I haven’t seen as many coming into the site side.  The message is getting out there, but I think many women are worried that it’s still a predominantly male industry.”


What paths can women take into the industry?

“I would say do your research, it’s not all about being a Document Controller, Site Manager or a Project Manager.  There are so many different opportunities and if you look around you will see what they there are.  I used to do interviews for ‘Women into Construction’ trying to get women into the industry where they would do two-week tasters.

You can be anything you want to!  I fell into Site Management because my line managers saw that I was good with subcontractors, it was a natural progression for me.  Talk to women! I have connected with so many women on LinkedIn.  Just put ‘Women In Construction’ in the search bar and go from there!”


The theme of International Women’s Day this year is ’Inspiring Inclusivity’.  What more can the workplace do to ensure women feel included in any industry they choose?

“There needs to be more clarity around what you can do.  Using more women in industry advertising, in seminars and on social media.  Promoting women in the industry all year round, not just one International Women’s Day or Women in Construction Day.

Things are changing.  Only four years ago I had to do all my own research to find my way in. Even then, recruitment agencies had to ask their clients if they were happy for women to interview for a role on site.  I had one interview where they asked me if I was ok lifting things.  They would never have asked a man that question.”