At BECK, we undertake personal private commissions to carefully craft one-off pieces of furniture and cabinetry. We also create beautiful, bespoke joinery for our fit-out projects across all sectors. It could be a statement boardroom table inlaid with metalwork, an exquisite marquetry sideboard for a country property, bespoke joinery for a private residence or stand-out cabinetry for a public space. We believe in doing the right thing, whether choosing ecologically friendly materials or using meticulous methods of crafting.

custom made wall panels

The Process

Our expert Design Development team determine the appropriate materials and construction methods for each project, working under the supervision of a Chargehand, who takes responsibility for maintaining quality throughout the manufacturing and finishing processes. Each finished bespoke piece is carefully inspected by the Workshop Foreman using a comprehensive QC checklist, to ensure every item is packaged protectively for delivery, along with any specific instructions, drawings and ancillary fittings. We make sure each piece reaches its destination in pristine condition, handled as if it were our own.

Finishing Touch

Our high-level finishing experts have an incredibly important job to do. Our extensive collection of finishes includes water-based stains, polyurethane and polyester clear and tinted lacquers and opaque paint colours and wood stains. We can match any paint colour from flat matt through to full gloss, as well as provide fully bespoke metallic finishes to replicate bronze, patinated copper and other metals, in a flat or textured finish. All our tinted lacquers and wood stains are mixed by hand, to specifically match the requirements of the client. Once the finish is meticulously applied, in our brand new finishing booth, it is fully cured in the controlled conditions of the drying room. In our world, it’s last across the finish line who takes the honours.


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Images courtesy of: The Hard Rock Hotel London – Philip Durrant, Mayfair Private Residence – Patrick Steel, 100 Sydney Street – Jason Balston, Alex Winship

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