Lynn Sheach joined BECK this year as Finance Director.  Here she discusses her career, her mindset for working life, how women can thrive in male-dominated industries and her key focuses for the company moving forward.

What lessons did you learn in the early years of your career?

“The most important things are picking up the technical skills, learning your craft and taking the opportunities as they come.

For me, getting involved in the projects has been the best part. It’s where you learn the most about working as a team.

Also, taking those opportunities to go off and work on different things.  It keeps your career fresh and interesting.  New opportunities often evolve from going the extra mile.”


What are you looking forward to about working in the construction and fit-out industry?

“I’ve had some experience with construction throughout my career as I’ve worked for an Oil & Gas Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor.  Although a different industry, the finance challenges are familiar and it has been a smooth transition starting at BECK. The exciting part for me now is learning the business and getting to know all the people and the individual projects.”


What are your key focuses in your new role?

“As Finance Director I’m looking after the day-to-day financial operations of BECK and supporting the Board to ensure we are building a secure financial future for the company.

BECK is growing and that was one of the attractions for me coming here. It is an exciting time for the company and we are taking on incredible projects.  We are also investing in new business systems which I will be supporting.


Women in construction industry is an important topic.  Do you have any advice for women looking to get into construction, or who may not have even considered it for their career path?

“The construction industry has changed and it’s important women see the potential career opportunities on offer. No day is the same and the opportunity is there for career growth if you show potential and have a desire to learn.

Personally, I have had a very positive experience throughout my career.  At the beginning there were more women in support functions and fewer in leadership in this industry.  But now things are changing all the time. There is a lot of support for women entering the industry and opportunities for networking and mentoring.  Connecting with different people is so valuable.

“If you want a career in this industry, be confident, don’t hold yourself back, acquire the skills and get involved with solving the problems, it’s a great sense of achievement.”

What do you see as the key achievements or milestones throughout your career?

“The most memorable projects were supporting the overseas operations, new experience and different challenges each time. Every project which has completed on time is always a milestone.  And I always regard implementing things successfully as a key achievement.”


What is the best thing about the career you have had?

“The people I’ve worked with.  So many different, highly skilled, very professional, fantastic people.  I believe the people you meet, shape who you are.”


Are there any notable challenges you’ve faced / overcome in your career?

“All projects present their own challenges.  I love solving problems, that is what I do best.  With every project you get to a point where you think, ‘What are we going to do about this?’ It’s about working out the solution to each unique problem.”