Dan Herron has been appointed as Commercial Director at BECK, leading the team who oversee all hotel and residential fit-out.  Dan joined BECK in 2019, after a career within the construction and fit out industry of more than 30 years.  He had worked for Tier 1 development, construction and prime residential companies.  He also ran his own successful company for over a decade, before looking for fresh challenges.


Dan entered the industry at the tender age of 16, choosing a job in construction over others offered to him in pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.  “There was just something about construction that appealed to me”, he says.  “I considered that it would be more varied and personable and provide greater opportunities to meet others.  It’s also an industry that affects everyday lives.  I took up an opportunity of a role offered to me at 16 and it’s ended up being a career I love.”

He began as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor, for a Tier 1 construction company.  “Leaving school at 16 allowed me to progress my career quickly.  By the time I was 23 I had fantastic experience and five years on anyone leaving university at 21.  I was exposed to projects you wouldn’t normally work on at that age.  It allowed me to gain experience at a fast pace and in turn, develop my career.”

A key part of Dan’s new role will be overseeing the growth strategy for the company.  He is clear the key to this is consistency because this leads directly to quality.  “It’s all about consistency.  In delivery, quality of finish, management, cost reporting, absolutely everything.  Plus working with supply chain members who we trust to deliver top quality to us, every single time.”


An entrepreneurial mindset is something which has motivated Dan throughout his career. “Early on in my career I worked at a company, who were very much at the start of their journey.  The mindset was very entrepreneurial, and the ethos of the company was all about empowering people and getting the best out of their skill sets.”

He continues, “When you are young you are quite entrepreneurial.  It can get knocked out of you as you get older because you see more of the risks.  But there are aspects of an entrepreneurial way of working which are a great fit for me.”

It’s something he feels he has found once again at BECK.  He clarifies, “Although we work as a team, everyone is heavily encouraged to use the key skills they have personally, to bring out the best result on every job. Quality is something we are all striving for and our clients benefit strongly from this way of thinking.  The company is well established but sometimes the enthusiasm and ideas that come out make it feel a bit like an exciting start-up.  It’s the best of both worlds.”


Quality is something discussed in every meeting at BECK. And it’s clear this is another driver for Dan.  He concludes, “Many times we have sacrificed profit for quality.  The interesting thing is that if you prioritise quality, the profit tends to follow.  The client is happy with their project and that contributes to our reputation in the industry. It’s just a better way, all round, of doing things.”