Knowledge through training

As an IOSH/CSkills SSP licensed Training Provider, BECK continue to push the boundaries of quality and service. We offer expertise to the whole industry, providing it with knowledge through training. We help all sectors of the industry to comply with legislation that states that to be competent to work in the construction industry, an individual must have an appropriate and relevant degree of Health and Safety knowledge gained through training – essential for them to work safely without endangering themselves or others.

We train, you gain

At BECK, we aim for our staff, suppliers and subcontractors to complete our training programmes. We also make this training available to others, including clients, architects, designers, quantity surveyors, project managers, agencies and other individuals.

As an IOSH/CSkills SSP licensed Training Provider, BECK plays a vital role in influencing the standards of Health and Safety on construction projects. Contractors sending individuals on courses run by BECK will not only satisfy their legal responsibilities, but also add to the overall value of projects through efficiencies.

Benefiting the Industry

Anyone awarded a training certificate from our training courses will have gained vital Health and Safety knowledge and skills, and should also have developed a positive attitude towards reducing accidents and ill health on project sites. This enthusiasm benefits the wider construction industry by improving attitude, behaviour and performance.