BECK delivers iconic KACWC, Saudi Arabia

Posted on Monday 8th October 2018



BECK is hugely proud to have been the principal contractor responsible for the fit out of the The Arabian Journeys Gallery (Gallery 4) at the iconic King Abdulaziz Center For World Culture in Dharan, Saudi Arabia [KACWC].

Created to mark the 75th anniversary of the Saudi Aramco oil company, the KACWC, designed by Snøhetta, is an iconic building in the Saudi Arabian landscape built to house a museum, library, conference centre, auditorium, restaurants, exhibition halls and an archive.

The Gallery 4 project is made up of a 1300m2 exhibition space, divided into eight zones, each dedicated to displaying an aspect or feature of the Arabian Peninsula, including the Jurassic period, the changes in topography, coral reefs and marine life, extinct wildlife, the deserts, the night sky and the future for Arabia.

The vision of the exhibition designers, Atelier Brückner, was a three-dimensional flowing space filled with complex shapes and structures, each requiring full 3D CAD modelling and innovative manufacture and fabrication techniques.

Many items such as the complex showcase designs required BECK to engage and deliver the world market leaders in shaping laminated toughened glass to achieve the accuracy and tolerances required. Similarly, the curved ribbon walls constructed in Corian had few straight lines or levels requiring the forming structure to be carefully designed in three-dimensions to achieve the finished profiles required.

The project called for unique design solutions to achieve the desired interactive exhibits. One such element was the design development, prototyping and fabrication of a pin table, replicating the rise and fall of the topography of the Peninsula over millennia. The table housed over 14,000 individual hexagonal rods, each internally illuminated by LED lights which operate on hydraulics to rise and fall in a pre-determined, programmed manner to accompany a top projection of the land and sea. This exhibit took more than two years to research, develop, test, fabricate and install and final commission.

With so many innovative technologies and equipment being developed around the world, the logistics of shipping and arranging customs clearance for all of these items became a monumental task in itself.

To manage this process, BECK has its own internal logistics department to manage the most cost-effective, time efficient shipping partners to arrange the pre-inspection of each equipment batch, compilation of accurate shipping registers and managing the containers through local customs.

We are so happy with the result!